Reno inspiration... at our house we are about to go through some interior and exterior renovations. I have been tearing pages from design magazines for as long as I can remember. I will admit I am a full design geek! My partner can't quite understand my desire to keep magazines that are not of the current month, let alone even the current year. For all you former  Domino Magazine(RIP) readers you will understand me when I tell him I can't get rid of them..."I reread them over and over because it's research" least that is what I tell him. ;) When Dwell Magazine arrives in my mailbox it is like Christmas all over again...pure joy! So, what I am trying to say is I am not short on inspiration and design ideas for our renovation.

However, I recently came across this AMAZING interior through the selby (an amazing blog if you haven't already discovered this treasure). I am completely smitten! It features Cole Haan's Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign. The clean, modern, but lived in aesthetic, is right up my alley and giving me much inspiration for our own home!

(Partner's a surfer so this would be perfect for the boards!)
(loving this color desk!)