Peek inside... studio, office, and occassional guest room. What can I tell you, we live in a small but wonderful home where every room can serve many functions!

So I've wanted to share my work space with you all for some time now. But, of course, I wanted to wait until it was "perfect"! So as I was working today and noticing my little piles of "inspiration" and "creativeness" everywhere I thought what perfect time to share than now. On most days, if you were to walk into my little nook this is how you would find it. Not in some pristine order with a place for everything and everything in its place. So here goes. Welcome to my little place where everything is "perfectly, imperfect". :)

a pile of fabric waiting to be ironed
experimenting with printing on wood
a screen-print that I am waiting to test out
wood cards just cut, printed, and packaged
where I blog from
Thanks for letting me share! :)