Growing up...

...Today is my son's 8th birthday! I celebrate the fact that he is a healthy, vibrant, loving, happy (I could go on and on) little boy! If I could have dreamed up the perfect child, Ty is it! Yet, I find myself a little sad on this day as well because my little boy is growing up. I know I can't stop it from happening, nor do I really want to, but can we slow it down a bit. It's such a cliche and I cringe as I write this but it's goes by so quickly.

So yesterday I came across this photo. I took this photo with Ty and myself when he was only a wee baby. As babies do, he instinctually grabbed on and held tightly. I know as the years go by he will loosen his grip a little more every year. I will always be here for those times when he needs that support and a hand to hold onto.

Happy Birthday Little Man!