Reflecting + Refining to Create More Space.


Reflecting always...
Refining...thoughts, actions, my what and my WHY. 
This online space and soon the physical space of INTENTspace are really me creating what I need believing that others need some of the same. I don’t believe I’m alone in needing time to go within so that who I’m reflecting back out into the world is a happier, more expanded version of myself. I believe this serves us all. ...
Today I’m asking myself what is most important? Am I spending my time doing THOSE things? Why am I doing what I’m doing? How can I simplify, weed out, expand? With these questions guiding it all I will keep on keeping up. ✨🙏🏼✨
What are some of the potent most relevant questions that you are asking yourself? How do you keep on keeping up?
Sending lots of love.
Tania 💕

Expansion, vision + intent

Six months ago with the New Moon I planted the seeds. I didn't know exactly how it would all unfold but I began to move into a dream of having a space that encouraged and supported conscious, intentional Living. 

I knew the space and offering I would initially create would be just the beginning and would eventually morph into something else. I found myself-surprisingly- very non-attached to the actual outcome, trusting that things would unfold just as they should. The first incarnation started as a tiny retail shop within a yoga studio. During that time, I observed, researched and learned a lot. After a few months, much thought and tuning into divine support and guidance I knew it was time to move forward. 

"Create what your Soul is asking you to create."

And so with those words ringing in my ears I knew it was time to take the steps towards the next incarnation of my vision. It was time to create an offering to the community-a curation of goods and services that would support people in their own journey and help nurture their own development.

So what is to come next? 

Inspiration photo of Wmn Space in California

Inspiration photo of Wmn Space in California

I am crafting, planning and creating a space for clarity, creativity and consciousness. This space is where we will gather, and be supported in our own journey to wellness and wholeness.

"My Intention is to support people in living more intentionally in all areas of their lives, collaborating with people that inspire me, and sharing that with the world."

What I envision..

a minimalist but warm space
a clear and clean space physically and energetically
offerings that are high vibrational and fully in alignment with the mission of supporting people in feeling uplifted, nourished and being the best possible versions of themselves. 
Offerings that are authentic, grounding and accessible to all, wherever they are on their journey.
a space that allows us to align with our inner wisdom 
...and so much more!

Intentional living is not for hippies.

I think people believe to live an aware or spiritual life it's about yoga poses or meditating for hours on end. To me living a simple, intentional life is about being aware + conscious of our choices, thoughts, actions and behaviors. It's about inquiring daily about what you can do today that will point you in the direction of your best life! 

This Fall, 2017 I will expanding into an offering that will be the most authentic expression of mySELF! I'm both terrified and beyond excited all at the same time which tells me I'm definitely on the right path! 


Living an intentional life is an opportunity to live a life in flow








I have a confession to make. I am a yoga teacher and I can't push up into a handstand without the assistance of a wall. My flexibility on most days challenges me. And in certain postures my hips are not perfectly aligned to the front as I've been told is the correct position.

As a new teacher and as what some might consider an OLDER, new teacher at almost 46, at times I have felt the pressure to follow the lead of more popular yoga teachers in my community. I live in a town saturated with yoga studios and even more yoga teachers. From my perspective it seems like the more popular studios are the ones where it is not unusual to see students move from crow pose right into a handstand. Let me be clear and say there is nothing wrong with that. But I've been questioning lately what the point is of being able to do some of the more "challenging" poses.

So what is the point of the asanas in yoga? 

Here is what I believe.

  • The shapes we place our bodies in can help us to release unnecessary tension when done in a way that we aren't forcing the pose.
  • The postures can help us with stability, flexibility, balance, strength and creating space in our bodies. 
  • The postures can help bring our nervous system into a more easeful state.

But here is where I really see the benefits of the asanas...The postures help us to become present, and observe.

It's about what we are doing when we are in a particular pose, rather than the actual pose itself. When we move into a posture we get focused and watch the dualities that arise-ease & effort, pleasure & pain, stability & openness, comfort & discomfort. The postures allow us to be a witness to the fluctuations that rise and fall. From this awareness, we can then notice the sensations that we feel in our bodies, and observe how the physical sensations turn into thoughts and emotions. From there you can see how our minds react to what's coming and going and then reflect on why we are reacting in a particular way.

So often as humans we tend to react in a habitual way. The asana practice assists us in seeing our patterns, allows us to get curious about why we react the way we do and then hopefully see if we can choose a different way of reacting that better serves us. 


The patterns, observations, the choices we make on the mat can help us so much in our lives off the mat. This way of moving inward with our attention and listening helps us shift patterns that do not serve us and helps us begin to consistently act from our highest behavior on and off the mat. With consistent practice, this attention to our behavior on the mat will in turn help us with our relationships to our families and all those we come in contact with.

So does the shape of the pose really matter? 

I say it depends on why you are practicing the postures. If you believe the poses are to become present and to watch what the mind does and how the mind reacts, then I say no, the actual shape of the pose does not really matter. 

Teaching is a tremendous responsibility and I continually evaluate my teaching and my WHY. As I've gained more clarity about why I teach I choose to teach "simple asana". I like the idea of taking the more accessible poses and using them as a vehicle to strengthen our bodies, soften our minds and open our hearts. This, in my opinion, is the work of an "advanced practitioner." 

I don't believe one pose fits all.  You will tend to hear me give options and variations in my classes not because one is easier than the other but because I understand one pose may not work for you but there might be another pose or variation that does. YOUR BODY IS UNIQUE. Your edge is different and you should respect and honor that in a big way.

As a teacher I do not know everything. I continue to learn all the time. I refine my teaching based on new information and based on what makes sense to me. As a student, you take that information and use it in a way that makes sense to YOU. I do not know what it is like in your body so please trust that you are your best teacher. Listen to your intuition, honor your limitations and learn to trust yourself and do what feels right for you and your body. Do YOU as only you can and trust the yoga.