To us, our HOME was not insentient matter-it had a heart, and a soul, + eyes to see us with.”
-Mark Twain


I'm Tania Welch, yoga, Wellness + Intentional Living Guide

I am passionate about YOUR HAPPINESS +your home!

A home is more than just a physical structure but also a structure of our beliefs. We are all looking for ways to create lives which feel genuine and hold value. At the heart of each space is an aesthetic shaped by the dweller's idea of what brings joy and meaning to a home. 

I am ever drawn to creating beauty and the essence of HOME. A heart-centered, intentional home means something personal to each of us and will be expressed differently but it will always find it's foundation in our deepest values, what I like to call our "soul-essentials".  My focus is in helping you create a home for what matters most.