I am ever drawn to connecting to our true nature, creating beauty and connecting to the essence of what is most meaningful in our lives.


With the practice of yoga and meditation we cultivate a sense of ease, well-being and connection to mind, body and spirit. We invite and honor a sense of wholeness, clarity and intention on the mat. Inspired to create these same qualities on AND off the mat INTENT SPACE was created.

Intent Space is where we gather in community so that you can be supported, nurtured and guided on your journey to truly knowing yourSELF

I am excited and honored to share offerings by healers, teachers, spiritual leaders, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, artists and makers whose work embodies a spirit of groundedness, authenticity and considered, intentional living. 

My Intention is to support people in living more intentionally in all areas of their lives, collaborating with people that inspire me, and sharing that with the world.



We are a curated collection of inspired events, workshops, classes, people and products all supporting an intentional lifestyle all under one roof. 

What does it mean to live intentionally?

It's about examining your WHY in all your thoughts, actions and choices.

It's about tuning in to gain clarity about what matters most to you.

It's about making the decision every day to live the life you desire most. 

It's about inquiring daily about what you can do today that will point you in the direction of your best life!

Living an intentional life is an opportunity to live a life in flow.



What is our intention? 

Intent Space exists to co-create conscious community by providing a beautiful space for Inspired Events, shared wisdom + Experiences of wholeness.


A welcoming, clear + clean space physically and energetically.

A conscious space to gather, be uplifted, nourished + renewed.

Igniting creative experiences of dynamic growth and unlimited possibilities.

Offering events, and various healing modalities that are authentic, grounding and accessible to all, wherever you are on your journey.

Offerings include; women’s health, bodywork, breathwork, meditation, life coaching, business coaching for individuals and corporations, workshops, simple, sustainable living practices, gatherings and events all to cultivate and support conscious, intentional living. 


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Nurturing your own development isn’t selfish. It’s actually a great gift to other people.- Tania Welch, Founder of Intentional Living Space